January 30, 2015

Links & Viewings - 1/30/15

by Allen Irwin

Video Essayist Tony Zhou has a new short video about staging & visual geometry in Kurosawa’s The Bad Sleep Well.

Grantland had two great pieces this week: a profile of The Wire creator David Simon and his new HBO miniseries, and Mark Harris on the think-piece firestorm caused by Selma.

I tend to avoid paying too much attention to coverage of the Sundance Film Festival since I won’t be able to see any of the films for anywhere from a few months to over a year. However, the series of dispatches over at The Dissolve give a good sense of some titles to keep an eye on without making it too apparent that most of the films don’t even have trailers you can watch yet.

Adam Curtis’ new film Bitter Lake has been uploaded to YouTube though it may not be available for long.

Matías Piñeiro (Viola, The Princess of France) is the guest on the latest episode of The Cinephiliacs podcast, and his first film, The Stolen Man (El hombre robado), is available to watch on YouTube.

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