January 23, 2015

Links & Viewings - 1/23/15

by Allen Irwin

Jia Zhangke has made a lyrical short film for Greenpeace called “Smog Journeys” focusing on the effects of air pollution in northeast China.

Guernica has an interview with filmmaker and scholar Thom Andersen (Eadweard Muybridge, Zoopraxographer & Los Angeles Plays Itself) covering his documentary Red Hollywood which was just recently added to Netflix streaming.

Fandor’s Keyframe has begun their annual dissection of the primary Oscar races with the Video Evidence series. They’ve covered Supporting Actor & Supporting Actress so far, but keep checking back in the coming weeks for the rest of the big categories.

Doc Alliance Films is currently running a free online retrospective of Russian documentary director Victor Kossakovsky until February 1.

Vdrome is currently screening Jonas Mekas’ 2011 film Sleepless Nights Stories until January 28. His film Out-takes from the Life of a Happy Man was a favorite of mine last year.

Blind Beast (1969) - Yes, those are noses.

Lastly, the ever eclectic Jonathan Rosenbaum has a primer on Japanese filmmaker Yasuzo Masumura. Blind Beast is the only Masumura film that I've seen: a disturbing katabasis into the strange bond formed between a blind sculptor and a model he kidnaps. It left a strong enough impression to mark Masumura as a prime candidate for further research. As it turns out, Blind Beast is available on YouTube along with a number of his films.

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